2021 Marketing Calendar

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a marketing plan that runs smoothly?  

There should be a plan, system and process, so there will be no bumps along the way…  

With our marketing calendar, you can do just thatJump quickly to the calendar download.

Our marketing calendar is a cost-effective solution because we have done it for you! Having key marketing dates in the same place as your daily calendar will help keep your organised to plan and forecast events before it happens, meaning you’re one step ahead for your marketing in 2021.  

Just some benefits  

An obvious benefit would be that you can plan and track upcoming marketing events. Being aware of these makes it much easier to drive your marketing plan in the right direction.  There is nothing worse than rushing through a marketing campaign at the last minute and making mistakes.  

Deadlines are solidified.  

Creating and scheduling your marketing a month or months in advance, gives you time to produce thought out content, with visible deadlines and clear expectations.  

 Your marketing budgets can be tracked and thought about  

Most marketing budgets are fixed early in the year, although your calendar isn’t a budget spreadsheet; you may find it helpful to plan where to allocate extra costs or time. For example, Black Friday week and Cyber Monday would be a good opportunity to allocate a section of your budget.  

The 2021 marketing calendar includes notable dates and key social media events that may help you with your marketing for 2021, no matter what industry you are in. It can be downloaded and then merged with your existing Google calendar. Planned out in one place, you have more time to research, draft, and add finishing touches your content, event or product.   

Instructions for installation are on the Google sheets, download it here;

Download on Google Docs

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