9 Christmas Promotion Ideas for eCommerce Businesses

If you run a business, you’ll know that it is never too early to start planning for Christmas, especially as an eCommerce business. With this in mind, we have put together a list of ways to make the most of the holiday season to get you started.

Here are 9 Christmas promotion ideas for eCommerce businesses to help you increase sales and boost customer loyalty in 2021.

1. Create a fun gift guide

Knowing what to buy friends and family for Christmas can be difficult. We’ve all been there – being completely stuck for ideas. Well, not anymore.

Create fun gift guides for your products to showcase which gifts will work for who and highlight their benefits. This makes it easier for your potential customers to decide what they are going to buy.

Christmas consumers are likely to be overwhelmed with offers and promotions or unsure of what to purchase for their loved ones. Gift guides are great in both of these scenarios.

2. Bundle products

As previously mentioned, deciding what to buy for loved ones at Christmas can be hard. This is because it takes time and energy during a period when there’s so much to do.

By creating gift bundles of your products, you’re offering a win-win situation for both you and your customers! Bundles benefit you because you will sell more than a single product, while your customer benefits because they have one less decision to make.

You can even offer a discounted price for your bundle – meaning that the price of the bundle is cheaper than buying everything separately – so your customers will benefit by saving money.

3. Support a charity

‘Tis the season of giving after all.

Of course, the main goal of most businesses is to make sales and produce a profit. But supporting a charity to make other people’s lives better, especially at Christmas, can be just as important.

Give your customers the option to round up their purchase price with a donation to a charity or donate a percentage of your proceeds to the charity over the festive period.

The customers who spend the most will most likely be the ones who can afford donating to charity as well as making a purchase – and many of them will be looking for ways to give back.

Supporting a charity means you are more likely to attract these types of customers, increasing your sales and having a positive impact on the wider community.

4. Get competitive, Christmas style

Engage your customers in a way like no other this Christmas with a festive competition or giveaway. Everyone loves a freebie, especially when they are trying to stick to a budget like when Christmas shopping.

By running a competition or giveaway, you are raising awareness for your brand as well as cultivating customer loyalty.

You could also consider adding a small gift for each purchase that surpasses a certain price threshold. Of course, you should ensure that the production cost of the gift is in line with the price threshold you set so that you don’t cut too much into your profits.

5. Offer free delivery and returns

When ordering presents for friends and family, customers will often have to buy from different places. This means that delivery charges can quickly add up.

By offering your customers free delivery, you will increase the chances of converting them from just another website visitor into a customer.

If your website’s visitors have a choice between a similar stop that offers free delivery while yours doesn’t, they’re likely to pick the option with free delivery, so don’t let your competition get the edge here.

6. Run a Christmas-themed ad campaign

If your business has a paid advertising budget, Christmas is the perfect time to make the most of it by running a Christmas-themed PPC ad campaign.

If you’re already running pay-per-click campaigns, you should adjust your keywords to start targeting those that will typically be used during the festive period rather than relying on your usual keywords. This is because if you keep your existing PPC campaigns as is, you are likely to see a decline in campaign results as people are shifting their search behaviour in preparation for Christmas.

You should also consider running a social media campaign to mirror your PPC ads, keeping your festive marketing consistent across all platforms.

You could even use remarketing to target those who have previously visited your website but are yet to make a purchase.

7. Create holiday-themed, limited-edition packaging

The packaging in which your products arrive at your customers’ doors says a lot about your business. You should take pride in your packaging because it shows attention to detail and high-quality product and service – all of which bodes well with customers.

In fact, a study found that gift-like packaging makes 61% of shoppers more likely to make repeat purchases with your brand if you’re a luxury brand, and 40% more likely to make repeat purchases if you are an average brand.

Creating holiday-themed packaging won’t just help your business this Christmas but in years to come too. It changes how customers think about your business and can help boost your eCommerce sales in years to come.

8. Deck the halls

And your website. Attract and engage your website’s visitors by adding some Christmas fun to your site!

Whether it is your header image or colour scheme, you can create a Christmas theme throughout your website to get your customers in the mood to splash the cash.

It doesn’t have to be a complete website redesign –  subtle changes can often make a big difference. From falling snowflakes to festive twinkling lights, there are so many simple yet effective ways to spruce up your website.

You could even change your widgets and imagery to festive colours and graphics to keep users engaged. The more creative, the better – try to make an impact.

9. Add a gift price filter

Quick, easy and surprisingly effective, adding a price filter to your eCommerce store streamlines your website’s user experience and makes it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for.

Whether you’re using WooCommerce, Shopify or another eCommerce platform, you can add a gift price filter using tools such as a no-code popup builder. This way, your customers can filter your products according to their budget, allowing them to find what they need quickly and without any fuss making them more likely to complete a transaction.

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