Advertising: How to get your brand out there

Finding the right channels for your business

At Brace we are a media neutral agency meaning that we research and recommend the best route to market for your business. We are not swayed by one medium and believe that there is never a one size fits all solution, so we consider all advertising channels including TV, Radio, Display, Digital and more.

We understand the importance of driving response and that these days technology is in the palm of your hand. Year on year we see an increase in people using dual screen technology with the option of responding to advertising as they see/hear it. With this spread of mobile technology coupled with the ability to block and skip adverts brands need to work harder to reach their customers – this is where we come in!

We buy across a variety of advertising media including broadcast (radio and TV), display, digital and outdoor. We understand today’s trends and work with them to deliver campaigns that generate leads and drive response.

TV & Radio Advertising

The average adult spends nearly four hours a day online and this is often coupled with TV viewing. TV is still viewed as one of the most trusted resources for advertising and the UK alone views a total of 2.64 billion TV adverts every single day. At Brace, we can access this market by delivering highly targeted campaigns that generate leads and drive response.

Like TV, radio is excellent at driving response, especially online. Brands that utilise radio are viewed as trustworthy and commercial radio has an estimated reach of 35 million listeners every week! Working with you, we can deliver a bespoke campaign that reaches your customers and resonates with them.

We work to every budget

We work with all sizes of budget and understand that the production costs of broadcast media can sometimes seem intimidating. However, TV production may not be as expensive as you think. Adverts can be produced cost-effectively (around 3-5K) and still give brands a great cost per acquisition. But if budgets are tight, we look to utilise other routes to market such as display, digital and outdoor. We have an impressive team of in-house designers that can create stand out campaigns across transport and town centre locations.

Get in touch

If you want to promote your brand, but are not sure where to start, get in touch with our team at Brace. We have industry experts in-house and great connections to help with your advertising.

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