Are you an SEO Executive looking to join a collaborative and friendly marketing agency based in Gloucestershire?  We are looking for someone with experience and passion for Search Engine Optimisation to join our growing team.    About Us Brace Creative Agency is one of the South West’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies. We have a strong

How Micro-Moments are Reshaping Marketing Strategies

I don’t know about you, but I’m never without my phone. Despite all the screen time limitations I enforce for myself – it remains an extra limb, or as a complete extension of my arm and brain, with all the answers (well, most answers) I could possibly desire.     What do I want to eat

Our Logo Design Process

A logo is more than just a symbol, it’s a visual representation of a brand’s identity, values and story. A logo has to encompass all that, while still resonating with an audience, and be easily replicable and applicable to various marketing swag (collateral).    To ensure the design fulfils the requirements and results in a

3 Things to Consider When Designing a Logo

If you’ve found yourself here, then you’ve probably begun to look at your logo and feel like something is just a bit… off. You don’t know what it is, maybe it just doesn’t represent your business any more, or you’re going through a rebrand, or the logo is outdated and just needs modernising a bit.

7 Brand Mascots: Super Creepy or Super Catchy?

Brand mascots are more than just cute characters or catchy symbols; they are the charismatic faces behind many of our favourite products and services. They act as the bridge between brands and consumers, enabling emotional connections to be forged and leave lasting impressions.    Close your eyes and think of a mascot.   Who did

Marketing During a Cost of Living Crisis

We know. Celebrations tubs just aren’t as big as they used to be, and the cost of basic necessities has doubled or tripled in price. In these trying times, it’s essential to acknowledge the growing concerns surrounding the cost of living in the UK and the impact it has on both consumer and industry. We’re