Best Black Friday Marketing Strategies 2021

In 2019, UK shoppers spent an estimated £5.6 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with the average shopper spending just over £250.

As the figures show, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are prime times for businesses to cash in on consumerism. But as it is so competitive, you have to get your marketing right to pip your competitors to the post.

To help you do just that, we have put together a list of the best Black Friday marketing strategies you should use to nail your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing in 2021.

Build Your Mailing List

Email marketing is a driving force for Black Friday sales, which makes building your mailing list key to your marketing campaign’s success.

Emails on screen

We recommend adding an email pop-up to your website a few weeks before Black Friday to encourage mailing list sign-ups, so you can make the most of your mailing list when the big event arrives.

Prepare Your Website

Getting your website prepped and primed is key to Black Friday marketing success, especially for eCommerce businesses that rely solely on their website for sales.


Our experts recommend checking the speed, security, and usability of your website well in advance, so you can give your customers the best Black Friday shopping experience possible.

If appropriate, you could even schedule a website popup to prompt your website visitors to make a purchase.

Make It A Campaign to Remember

When it comes to your Black Friday marketing strategy, the quote “dare to be different” most definitely applies.

When all of your competitors are offering similar deals, you need to be different for consumers to choose you instead of one of your competitors.

To do this, you should get creative, be original, and don’t be afraid to stand out when developing your campaign.

Yellow umbrella amongst grey umbrellas

Making your Black Friday campaign stand out makes you memorable and encourages customers to return at a later date, which is perfect when Christmas is just around the corner.

Experiment With Your Timing

As previously mentioned, Black Friday is prime time for businesses. This means that you’re competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of other businesses for consumers’ attention.

woman scheduling black friday marketing campaign

With so much marketing and promotional material on display, it is no surprise that consumers become numb to it over time.

To avoid this happening to you, we recommend experimenting with the timing of your campaigns – from a subtle change to a dramatic one. This way, your messages won’t get lost amongst those of your competitors.

Tease Your Next Campaign

If you want to make the most of Black Friday, you should try teasing your next campaign as it comes to an end.

Christmas present with sale tag on

Whether it be Cyber Monday, Christmas, or a local event, let your customers know that a compelling offer is coming soon to keep them coming back for more.

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