Brace’s Top 10 New Year Marketing Tips

2022 is coming up fast.  Like many other businesses, you may be planning your marketing strategy for the year ahead. You may also be looking for marketing ideas to end the year with a bang. Either way, our top 10 New Year marketing tips are a great place to start.

1. Get personal with your customers

Customers love the personal touch and nothing is more personal than a handwritten note, or personalised gift. Many businesses are still not fully engaging with seasonal gifts, so it is an opportunity for your organisation to stand out from the rest. It is a personal and authentic touch, and you may well make your customer’s day. For example, we have a Brace Box for potential and current customers when we want to show our appreciation. A great way to get your customer’s attention before they potentially make supplier decisions in January.

Brace team in the office.

2. Show a peek behind the curtain

We know your organisation achieves a lot in one day, so why not let your customers in on it? Whether it is solving a difficult customer issue or having a team cup of tea, every time you share something that goes on, you humanise your company and make your customers feel like they know you better. Examples include simply sharing a story on your profile and an entire insider series on how you developed a new product or service.

3. Countdown to the next big thing

Excited for the new year? I’m sure your customers are too. Why not capitalise on that with a countdown? It could be simply a branded post getting ready for the new year or to a new year launch of a product, service or event.  Either way, you will ride on the wave of excitement and really capture your audience’s attention.

4. Run a competition or giveaway

Competitions and giveaways are still absolutely a great way to garner attention and engagement on social media. It is also a great way to get user-generated content for future campaigns. If you ask for example, for images of your customers with your product. The more exciting the prize, the more likely that your competition or giveaway will really get noticed.

Brace's 2021 wrapped

5. Do a run-down

Want to remind your customers of the highlights of the year or have some fantastic statistics to share? Maybe you have completed an interesting project this year, or want to showcase your achievements. What better posts than an annual run-down or round-up?

6. Give your customers something to look forward to

So, you have rounded up the year, why not tease what is in store for the next? Excite your customers with the launch of a new product or service, give them a sneak peek of your next event or plans for the year ahead. This way, they know what to look forward to from you and it is a great post to engage with.

Marketing review

7. Promote a new offer or sale

We all love a bargain, especially around holiday time and when better than January for an end of year sale? It can be a great opportunity to shift stock that isn’t selling as well as you hoped, or to promote a service that hasn’t had enough attention. But don’t just put it out there, why not make it fun by making an exciting post or activity such as a puzzle to solve to promote it?

8. Be the perfect host

We know you likely can’t host Christmas dinner for all your customers, so why not do the next best thing and host an event for them? Maybe you have an in-house expert that can give a useful talk, or go completely off-piste and host an end of year quiz (virtually or in-person). Either way, you are sure to please your customers and gain plenty of extra end-of-year attention for your brand.

9. Deck the halls (or your website)

It is the holiday season after all, and you would decorate your home or premises, so why not decorate your digital home, your website? It can certainly add a bit of sparkle to your digital presence and get your customers back in the shopping and buying mood post-Christmas. We are thinking fireworks!

10 Ask questions

We know you may well be strategising for next year, so when better to ask your customers how you did? If you have any burning questions, now is the time to ask so you can better shape future strategies, ideas for content or even products and services. Interactive social media posts also perform better than static ones, so you will be receiving valuable feedback and engagement for your efforts.

Did you love these tips? Why not give them a try? We think you will be surprised with the results and hopefully find a way to work them into your marketing strategy for 2022.

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