Bracing For The Future – Business and the Coronavirus Outbreak

It’s difficult to escape the reality of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak whether that’s on the news, on social media or in the pocket. The World Health Organization have declared it a pandemic and businesses across the UK are taking measures to protect their staff and their livelihood.

We understand that the circumstances are difficult not just at present, but in the coming months too, and now more than ever local businesses need the support of their local communities. As people are self-isolating at home, your online presence is key to keep you connected with your customers as their internet usage surges. Communication is still very much needed and clients and potential new customers need to know that you are still there. Some may need your door-to-door assistance, and some may be considering your business for future plans.

Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, tourism, manufacturing, construction or service industry and beyond we would like to share some suggestions to keep your online presence thriving for the future.


How to keep your customers updated on your website

Your website is your virtual shop window. As less consumers are taking to the high street this is your opportunity to showcase what you can offer and what is unique about your business compared to your competitors. Ride through the storm and look ahead to the future and the potential customers who are looking for your services in months to come.

Communication is key so if you have had to change your operational hours and circumstances, let your clients know. Otherwise, they’ll be left in the dark, disappointed and unlikely to come back.

Creating a blog to tackle the subject is a great way to show the human side of your business as well and opens up opportunities to increase your online following.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. If your business relies on e-commerce then the good news is that people are buying online more frequently. As Governments and health agencies are encouraging the public to take extra care and even isolate themselves, online deliveries are a life-line during this difficult time.


Why it’s important to continue your PPC and SEO?

As we’ve mentioned, more and more people across the UK are taking to the internet to do their shopping and planning for the future. Many Brace customers may be questioning whether to continue their PPC or SEO services, we suggest that making any panic decisions could possibly impact on your long term business plan and recommend you continue your current investment or reduce budgets in your online presence and not to take any decisions based on where we are now. Time will help us understand more above customer behaviour online.  We recommend monitoring and reviewing monthly before pausing or stopping activity.

Businesses still need to consider keeping leads coming in as potential customers have more time to think about their future plans. Whether that’s an online purchase, investment, a holiday in the UK or house renovations, there are plenty of things to look forward to in months to come after this uneasy time.

We advise against stopping your advertising at the moment as it may cause more problems later on down the line that could potentially have a bigger impact on your business as a whole. Instead, focus your advertising spend on branded terms due to the higher quality traffic or reducing your budget.


What’s best to post on social media

Many people are turning to social media to get the latest updates not just on the news but on your local community. This is your chance to inform them efficiently on a wide variety of platforms.

  1. Create a post to let your followers know if you remain open and that you’re taking enquiries via email, phone or online.
  2. If you’re able to offer your services away from the office, let your customers know. Perhaps you’re a restaurant that is now offering takeaway or delivery services.
  3. Post good news stories about the company to keep up morale and show that you’re doing something positive in the local community.
  4. Support other local businesses in other industries or those that compliment what you do. Businesses work better when they work together.
  5. If you can’t serve your clients face to face, is there a brochure or instant download they can keep for future consideration?
  6. Sign-post your followers to your website if you have put together a blog post about the current situation and your business.
  7. Don’t stop posting altogether if you’re unable to open. Show that you’re still active online and capture as many enquiries as possible for future business.

Positivity is the key to success. Yes it’s easy to hibernate during this tough time as our face to face interactions will decrease and our daily business will change. But now is the time to adapt for the future and take your company to another level with an online community.

It’s business as usual at Brace and our team are on hand to assist with any queries you have and are happy to discuss potential ideas for your digital presence. Email or call 01452 729 953.


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