Established in 1971 in Nivelles, Belgium, Gantrex has grown into a global market leader in the production, distribution, installation and maintenance of high quality crane rail solutions, with a focus on innovation, Gantrex has carved a path of excellence within the industry of high-quality crane rail solutions.

The Brief

Gantrex’s previous website had limited self-management capabilities, forcing reliance on external service providers for updates.

The inefficiencies highlighted the need for a new, multi-lingual international website equipped with internal customer support to handle operations across different languages (French, German, Spanish, and Mandarin).


Strategic Framework

During our project with Gantrex, Brace Creative closely aligned with the key priorities that Gantrex were focusing on: continuous advancement in technology, maintaining a strong local presence near customers, and delivering high-quality products and services.

By focusing on these areas, we were able to effectively support Gantrex’s objectives and ensure we were fully in tune with their operational values, leading to a successful partnership.

The Solution

To effectively meet their strategic objectives, we redesigned Gantrex’s website on WordPress, introducing a user-friendly and adaptable content management system (CMS). This modular setup simplifies updates and improves content management flexibility.

Additionally, we incorporated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to allow for customisable, creative content layouts, further building on their ability to align the website with ongoing marketing campaigns and content strategies.

Complex Features

We incorporated advanced elements, including:

  • A dynamic tabbed content block utilising Alpine JS and the history API.
  • A searchable product data sheet repository with filtering capabilities,
  • A downloads repository with custom search and filters based on taxonomies,
  • A corporate timeline showcasing Gantrex’s history.
  • An interactive location map powered by Alpine JS.
  • A dynamic ‘Our People’ section highlighting key team members.
  • A careers module featuring current vacancies, enhancing recruitment efforts.
  • A references page for users to explore past projects.
  • Division of the site into Gantrex and Gantrex Ports, each with distinct branding and content.
  • Customised filters and search functionalities throughout the site, extending beyond WordPress norms.

What happened next

To ensure the continued successes of the implemented solutions, Brace Creative provided the following aftercare:

The partnership

Our partnership with Gantrex transformed their online presence into a dynamic, multilingual platform. We enhanced this by implementing SEO improvements to support the launch and ongoing management of the new system.

The entire website is now fully dynamic, allowing every piece of content to be customised by the Gantrex team, giving them complete control to manage all aspects of their website.

By aligning our technical and creative expertise with Gantrex’s strategic goals, we proudly produced a solution that not only streamlined content management but also enhanced user experience and engagement.