Hot off the Press: The Circle2Success Newsletter

Since our very first project with C2S, we have been fortunate enough to work on a range of creative projects with them. From the management of their website through to the design and print of their magazine, the Brace team has been there every step of the way. So when they approached us regarding their email newsletter, our graphic designers were eager to get stuck in.

Initially concerned that it did not reflect the sleek, fresh appearance of their other marketing materials, C2S wanted an email template that they could really make their own. Incorporating their branding and better user experience, our team set to work on delivering just that.

We started off with a wireframe based on the content C2S wanted to include where our designers sketched out an initial layout of the extensive email newsletter. This provided us with the opportunity to first think about the content rather than the design.

We then proceeded to turn this wireframe into a sleek design to ensure C2S was happy with the different aspects of the email including the layout of images, text and calls to action. Working collaboratively alongside C2S, we were able to gauge a strong understanding of what they wanted whilst also applying our knowledge of their branding and how users interact with the different email elements.

Email Marketing Wireframe

Once the design was completed, it was transferred into the new email marketing software that C2S has decided to use. They were then able to use the template provided to re-use as and when they wished.

C2S Email Newsletter

Our graphic designers applied their flair for creative design whilst also delivering the new email marketing template on time and to the customer’s satisfaction. We look forward to seeing this being sent out to the thousands of recipients in Circle2Success email audience.

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