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Building Brands That Shine

Branding: /ˈbrændɪŋ/ [uncountable] the activity of giving a particular name and image to goods and services so that people will be attracted to them and want to buy them.

Brace’s branding services create familiarity with your target audience in order to develop trust and credibility.”

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  • Logo and brand Design
  • Brochure and Magazine Design
  • School Prospectus Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Outbound Email Design
  • HTML Email Design
  • Exhibition Stand Design
  • Product Packaging

Looks are (almost) everything

Your online branding plays a critical part in forming first and lasting impressions. Your website has roughly 2.6 seconds to create a first impression, and 94% of these first impressions are formed by the design and layout of your site.

Out of date, out of mind

Brand development is taking your existing brand and updating it for a modern look and feel. We take care to keep the elements that make your business unique, but use modern inspirations to bring your brand back to life. Our digital marketing team can then support you in marketing your new brand to start building trust on and offline.

Thanks, it’s new

While there’s no shelf life on branding, questioning your logo or website, means the time has probably come. Your company branding is built up of many things including, your logo, colours, imagery style and visual language, which can also include your company name. 


If your identity has changed with the times, trying something new could transform your business.