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Brace have over a decade of SEO experience. Providing SEO to hundreds of local businesses in Gloucestershire. We Improve website's visibility in search engines such as Google & Bing.

We have adapted our techniques over the years to get the best SEO results possible. Contact us to find out how we carry out SEO in Gloucester and other nearby cities.

What is SEO?

SEO is a digital marketing discipline involving optimising a website and external factors.

External factors include websites such as directories, blogs, social media and review sites. Other websites help improve the search visibility of the website for chosen keywords.

In order for your website to perform well, there are many core factors to consider;

  • Mobile friendly design
  • Easy to navigate structure
  • High quality unique content
  • High quality links from other websites
  • Social media activity (likes, comments, shares)
  • Location and quality of websites linking to you

These are only some of the hundreds of signals search engines use to determine rankings. Here are most of the known major ranking factors.

seo ranking factors gloucester

Local Ranking Factors by order of influence

Google My Business

The Google My Business listing is the number one factor. Ensuring your Google My Business listing is complete and accurate is essential.

To guarantee Local SEO success in the Google My Business signals category, make sure:

  • The category is correct, wrong category and it won't show
  • The company name is correct within the GMB business title
  • The website link provided is functional and crawlable
  • Opening hours are accurate
  • Many photo's of business activities and services
  • Correct address


According to many expert, link signals are the second most important ranking factor. It is the most important organic ranking factor.

Anyone familiar with SEO knows about link signals. They’re the backlinks to a site from another website. The better quality website that links to you, the more effective it will be.

It is important to always focus on quality of links over quantity. Spam or poor quality links can harm the website so avoid at all costs.

On-Page (Your Website)

The content of a website page is what makes it worthy of a high position in the search results. It is what the user came to see and is important to the search engines. For good rankings each website page must have good content.

So what is good website page content? From an SEO perspective, all good content has two attributes. Content must supply a demand and it must be shareable.

If reading your website content is boring then your users will also find it boring. This is the most important factor to think about and put time into it. This is you selling your products, services and business, sell it with passion.

Click the image to view a detailed infographic from on what ingredients should be in a website page which would achieve top rankings.

perfect on page seo

Business Reviews

Reviews have become more and more important over the last few years. There are many review sites such as Trust A Trader, Facebook, Trust Pilot Google My Business.

Reviews are a known important ranking factor now. The review profile of a business includes the star rating, number of reviews and how recent.

It is an important area to push for any local business. Occasionally businesses will get negative reviews. It is important to always reply in a professional manner as soon as possible. Potential customers read reviews in detail when considering your brand. A bad review profile can now affect a business in a big way.


Citations are instances of your company name, address and telephone number online. It could be on another site, a directory, social media or in a news article.

Citations are like glue for Google to verify a company. A company which has many mentions and is consistent is a strong signal of a reputable company to Google.

If there are no mentions of the company or inconsistencies this looks suspicious. They don't want to send their users to companies which look suspicious.

Behaviour Signals - How User's Interact With Your Website

Search engines use user behaviour to analyse how users interact with a website. The following are some of the factors search engine's now take into account.

Click-through rate:

  • This is how often a person clicks through to your site. For example every 100 times the website appears in the SERPS, if 5 people click, then the click-through rate is 5%. Often, the higher in the SERPS the website appears, the higher the click-through rate.
  • Check this article out, it is a full study on click through rates in 2018 depending on position in the SERPS

Bounce rate:

  • If users don't hang around on a website, Google will think the page isn't a great resource. Website pages having great content and optimised for the correct keywords can help.

Mobile clicks to call:

  • If many people are clicking to call the business the search engine will think that this is a good result. This will in turn provide a positive signal.
  • Click to call is made by more than 40% of users now, that is a lot of business which is available. A website which doesn't use the click to call feature is missing out on this business.


  • Check ins on Google, Facebook etc are taken into account by Google now, make sure this is available to your customers. Have a big event, push the check in.

There are other important factors taken into consideration. Social media activity, the amount of people talking about your company is getting more and more important by the day.