Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing in 2021

Ah, social media marketing. Where do I begin?

Social media is the most incredible tool to reach modern audiences, yet it’s another type of digital marketing that is continually evolving and developing.

In the UK, there are over 53 million active social media users, allowing you to reach an estimated 71.64% of the population using social media platforms.

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This is almost 20% more than the global average,  which just goes to show how powerful social media really is in the UK.

It helps businesses to reach a lot of people, generate sales and drive business growth.

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With this in mind, it is important that your social media marketing sets you apart from your competitors.

To do that, you need to stay clued up on all things social media including the latest social media trends, apps and consumer behaviour.

This is why I have put together a list of everything that you need to know about social media marketing in 2021. Check it out.

Top trends 2021

Live streams are still in… And so are Stories

2020 was the year of staying home, which led to businesses and influencers starting to use live streams to connect with and engage users like never before.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram saw a surge in messaging and live streaming, particularly in Covid hotspots such as Italy.

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For example, the amount of views on Instagram and Facebook Live doubled in Italy in just a week.

Whilst we are gradually coming out of lockdown, people have now become accustomed to the new way of connecting with brands using live streams.

They are therefore set to continue gaining popularity and should be part of your ongoing social media strategy.

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As for Instagram Stories, over 500 million users worldwide interact with them daily.

Stories may have been dominating social media for a couple of years now but it seems that they are here to stay.

This means that your business should definitely get on board to connect with your target audience.

Virtual reality is set to boom

When staying at home, people sought to find quality interactions virtually. And this is where virtual reality (VR) stepped in.

Providing users with a source of escapism or the sense of physically being together even when they are not, the value of VR interactions did not go unnoticed by users in 2020.

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In the next year, we are likely to see this continue to grow and gain more popularity on social media as platforms such as Facebook incorporate more and more of this technology.

Like virtual reality, 2020 also saw an increase in augmented reality (AR) on social media.

For example, the development of new Snapchat filters using AR technology.


They are both highly interactive and designed to effectively engage audiences, making them the perfect addition to your social media strategy.

Social eCommerce will continue to grow

Much like live streams, social eCommerce surged in 2020. As a result, we’ve seen social media platforms adapt to make sure users get the best experience possible when shopping on their platforms.

For example, Facebook allows you to set up a shop where your customers can browse and shop your products without ever leaving Facebook.

Instagram also allows you to set up a similar process including product tags for ease.

Online shopping payment successful notification

These built-in features are perfect for eCommerce businesses using social media in 2021.

They provide you with an easy and effective way to capitalise on your audience’s new and ever-growing love for online shopping.

Brand authenticity remains key

It is often all too easy to get carried away with rigid messaging and maintaining your brand’s image. After all, brand consistency is key.

However, although they may be represented as numbers, social media users are people first and foremost.

They therefore want to see real people in your business, and for you to be transparent and authentic with them.

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Building trust with your audience is key and to do that, you need to be open and honest with them, especially on social media.

Social values work on social media

People connecting with people works on social media – who’d have thought?

This is why purpose-driven campaigns, diversity and inclusivity should all be included in your social media strategy.

Whilst social media has always played a pivotal role in raising awareness for social causes, the past year has seen this skyrocket.

speak up, stand up, show up for justice sign

Now more than ever, users are engaged with social causes and issues, and they want the brands that they support to do the same.

A Twitter survey even found that 74% of respondents want brands to showcase acts of kindness.

And 77% of respondents feel more positively about brands that try to support society during this crisis.

Community - Child Painting a Rainbow

An Accenture study also found that 29% of all shoppers would switch to a brand that’s committed to inclusivity and diversity.

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