How to Effectively Market Your Business in 2019

The world of marketing is continually growing and changing, so if you want to market your business effectively, you’ll need to keep up.

Here are some marketing tips to bear in my mind if you want to effectively market your business in 2019.

– People put their trust in brands that they know, recognise and that produce reputable content, as opposed to ads. This shows how important brand awareness and brand recognition are as you need to build a relationship with your potential customers.

– Customers are the best ambassadors for your brand. Create content that will help you engage with them and maintain their loyalty to you.

– Understand how your customers communicate and use it to your advantage. According to, Facebook is still the most used social media platform in the UK. With over 35 million UK users, the highest traffic occurs between 1 and 3 pm.

However, your target audience may not use Facebook at peak times, if at all. Finding the right platforms to market your business is vital to its success so ensure you do your market research before investing in a marketing strategy.

– Get creative. The world of marketing is only becoming more competitive which means you need to think outside of the box in order to stand out from your competitors.

For example; incorporate national holidays into your marketing campaign, encourage user-generated content or use humour to keep your marketing creative.

– Know your stuff. To effectively market your business, you need to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends and developments.

For example; the ever-growing use of chatbots and voice search. These developments must be considered when marketing your business, especially when performing search engine optimisation (SEO) on your website.

– Make the most of video marketing. With over 1 billion hours of YouTube watched daily, video marketing is a powerful tool that you should make the most of.

According to SingleGrain.Com, 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video, whilst 72% of businesses say that a video has improved their conversion rate. Video marketing may benefit your business so it is definitely a technique worth considering.

– Content marketing should be created in line with “quality over quantity”. A low volume of high-quality content will have a more powerful impact than a high volume of low-quality content.

– Focus on customer experience. Great customer experience stems from creativity and data analysis. A data-driven approach to customer experience is a must if you want to effectively market your business in 2019.

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