Is Your Website Getting the Maintenance it Needs?

Was your website built over 2 years ago? The website would have been built with all the design and functionality available at the time.

You may since then have noticed it’s not functioning as it should, needs updating and perhaps redesigning or possibly even worse now has security flaws, which is a very common issue.

When you put a lot of work into developing a functional, attractive website, but then leave it sitting there without new content or software updates, it becomes outdated and search engines will forget about it. Luckily, you can change all that.

Maintaining your website and online presence is a critical factor in its success and the future of your business, but many business owners neglect to do it.

You should think of the initial website build as the starting point, whereas the ongoing maintenance is what will make your website a fully functional and engaging creation.

You can’t see your full return on investment without maintenance, which includes regular updates, content change SEO and additions we haven’t even yet thought about in the future.


Check out these reasons why you should be regularly updating and maintaining your website:

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First impressions

Like collecting business cards at networking, websites are digital contact points for your potential clients.

When they visit your website, they form their opinion of the business.

Is the content up to date? Have they posted regularly over the past 6 months, or let their content date drift into the past? Are there banners for a Christmas sale even though it’s February?

Having an out-of-date website will give potential customers a poor impression of your business. By keeping your website fresh and frequently updated, you’ll show visitors that that you care, you’re committed, and you can be trusted.

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Evolving technology

The internet is a very new industry and never stops growing and evolving.

There are always new technologies and online marketing methods available and these change daily, and you should make sure that your website keeps up with them.

It can be tempting to let your website languish and do a big update every few years, but it’s better to implement small, modern changes on a regular basis.

This way, your website looks professional and can really compete. Not only that you are protecting your asset, and future business.

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Return customers

Customers like continuity and want to become repeat clients. Finding a new business you like can be difficult and it’s easier to repurchase or engage with the same company than to take a chance on a new one.

By offering your customers up-to-date information, you will make it easy for them to keep purchasing from you.

Regular maintenance of your website offers them the information they need to trust you and become a loyal customer instead of a one-off buyer.

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Search Engine rankings

Search engines index websites with new content near the top. If you aren’t regularly adding new content, and keeping your website up to date, it’s almost impossible to be ranked highly in Google and other search engines.

Maintaining your website and engaging with good SEO practices means that search engines will keep it ranking you for important keywords.

When you combine software updates, speed optimisations and fresh content, you’re giving your website a better chance at ranking highly for the keywords that matter for your business and most importantly above your competition.

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Make sure you’re using the most recent bug fixes and security patches to keep your website safe and secure. This is particularly true if you’re using a content management system, which you should be!

Hackers will target any kind of website, not just e-commerce platforms, and plant malware and other malicious files, leaving you vulnerable.

It’s easy for them to do this if you’re using old security software and your website isn’t regularly maintained. Search engines like Google will delist your website if they detect malware and potential customers will be understandably angry if their devices are infected by software downloaded from your website.

What can Brace do for you?

Once you have purchased your website from us it’s yours to use and unless you ask us to provide additional services such as SEO, maintenance or other work it will remain the same until you decide to change it.

In time sites can become outdated and need work, to ensure you are secure and running smoothly. The bare minimum we recommend to consider is to do regular security and essential maintenance.

We can do this for you on a one-off basis as and when required or we can get you onto a maintenance package where your site is maintained going forward.

This won’t address the other issues relating to the passing of time and trends in your marketplace, but it is a good starting point.

If you would like Brace to carry out any of this please get in touch!

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