10 Marketing trends for 2022

The new year has started off with a bang for brand-new marketing trends and fresh techniques that are innovating online content and grabbing the attention of potential new clients and customers.

From email marketing to social media, here are our top 10 favourites that will keep you inspired, profitable and one step ahead of your competitors. 

Know your why

  1. Choosing you for your Values
    According to the Vice-President of Marketing at Twitter Penry Price, consumers  in 2022 are looking to spend their hard-earned cash on brands that they “trust, believe in, and align with their core values.” This means it is increasingly essential that businesses need to get in touch with what their brand is truly about and need to find a way to consistently convey the ‘why we do what we do’ to their customers. 


  3. Building Trust 
    With the level of competition many organisations and businesses face – and with many more ways customers can find them – trust is essential to gaining, keeping and nurturing your customers in 2022. This is because a happy customer can be encouraged to be an advocate for your products and services, especially online. Whether it is building your relationship via emails, ensuring your Google My Business is up-to-date or maintaining a consistent social media, marketing is certainly the cornerstone of trust-building this year. Plus, in return, they can share how much they love your products or services with online reviews, recommendations or posting about your brand on their social channels.


  5. Personalisation 
    Building on the trust trend, personalisation of service for your customer is paramount to them consistently buying your product. A minor frustration to the customer such as a product being out of stock, or your website not being user-friendly can mean they leave and buy elsewhere. Personalisation is key to keeping them on board, by using online user histories – e.g. recommending alternative products or services that meet their needs on your website. Even personalised emails with ‘frequent shopper’ discounts can help win them round.

    Neuromarketing concept

  7. Neuromarketing
    Neuromarketing is about looking deeper into the true thought processes that are behind your customers’ buying process and interactions with your brand. It is used to connect with them on a deeper level, and help you to better understand your customers. Like all powerful insight tools, neuromarketing has to keep that delicate balance between persuasion and the perception of manipulation. An example of this is thinking about the needs you meet for your customer and how you can best solve their problems.  


  9. Collaboration
    Brands more than ever are employing ‘out of the box’ marketing techniques. For example, online stores offering pop-ups, fashion houses doing unusual collaborations and of course we can’t neglect the rise and rise of influencer marketing. This will become increasingly popular in 2022 and something any business or organisation can try. An example would be organising a one-off ‘recruitment open day’ event or collaborating with a charity to raise your profile and do something beneficial. There is even the possibility of using Micro and Macro influencers –  influencers that have local impact or influence in your business environment without the Kylie Kardashian price tag.


  11. Smooth customer Journeys 
    Especially in the world of e-commerce, the customer journey should be top of your list of priorities. Gone are the days customers scour the internet for what they need, 2022 will be all about making the journey from viewing the product to payment quicker than you can say ‘buy it now’. This is why it is essential to streamline your customer experience, whether it is making it easy to buy any product online, as well as providing instant quotes or online booking systems for services. 


  13. Automation, Machine Learning and AI 
  14. Many leading marketing minds have emphasised that AI and automation have come on in leaps and bounds in the modern business marketing arena. Predictions include that AI such as chatbots and automated email journeys will become the norm rather than the exception for businesses in 2022.


  15. Truly Human Marketing 
    Throughout 2020 and 2021, many businesses have taken a pause to think about their customers and what they truly need. 2022 will see much more people-to-people marketing, and relationships will form a  big part of that from your internal team to your customers. Whether it is featuring more content on your socials with a peek behind the curtain, to addressing  your customers’ pain points, authenticity is set to be huge for 2022. 


  17. Email Marketing
    Email marketing is by no means a new form of marketing, but when used alongside techniques such as relationship marketing and automation, it truly comes into its own in 2022. According to Hubspot, email marketing is a reliable way to increase profits and engagements across the board. Email marketing even influences the purchase decisions of 50.7% of Millenials. If you thought email marketing was dead, it has been reborn in 2022.


  19. Social Media Marketing 
    According to content leaders at Hootsuite, more people than ever are spending time online and on social media. They also claim it is set to lead to an increase in social media spend, with 51.4% of marketers surveyed planning to increase social media advertising spend in 2022. Not only does this mean paid social media advertising may be a great way to keep up with your competitors, but it can also mean a potentially larger customer base for you to reach. 


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