Abode & Co

The Client

Abode is a forward-thinking Bristol-based property start-up business that is looking to move with the times. Their vision is to provide Co-Living & Co-Working spaces in Cities across the UK, whilst creating a social community where young driven professionals live, work and play.

As the popularity of hybrid and co-working increases following lockdown, commercial buildings are increasingly empty. As a lot of commercial real estate is in the centre of Bristol, it makes sense not to waste this previously sought-out commodity. This is where Abode steps in and transforms commercial property into a hub for both co-living and co-working in the centre of metropolitan Bristol.

Co-Living spaces are short term & long term shared accommodation where residents will have their independence within their own space. Cleaning and laundry services will be included along with free access to the co-working spaces. Co-working spaces will consist of hot desks, meeting rooms, audio & filming rooms, an on-site gym, and coffee shops with super-fast wifi. Co-community spaces will create a social aspect that consists of seminars, events and more.


The Branding

As a relatively new venture that is moving with the current atmosphere, Abode is in a position where they are looking for new investors. Branding and marketing is a key motivator to give them the drive and success required to fulfil their vision.

To start the journey of customer recognition, branding was the option that our client was looking for. We went through a branding exercise, narrowing down vision, mission and our designs with their choices for a logo, social media and print assets such as business cards and stationery. The brief was then finalised and designed by our team of expert graphic designers.

The Digital Brochure

As a company looking to attract and inform potential investors, they were looking to create an information pack for any potential clients. Our talented team of graphic designers produced an engaging investment pack to meet those goals and to clarify how the investment would produce results as Abode buys, refurbishes and then sells commercial property as residential and business hubs.

Our Work