The Client

Allstone are a Gloucester-based, family-run firm who have been trading for over 30 years in the local Gloucestershire area. They have grown from a sand and gravel supplier into one of the largest fully licensed waste transfer station, skip hire, and stockist of sand, gravel, and aggregates. Providing services to both the public and private sectors, they are one of the best-known companies in Gloucestershire and have been our loyal customers for some years.

The client originally came to us to improve their website presence and to produce an online offering however the relationship has evolved over 7 years where we have become their digital partners. As the company encompassing both Speedy Skips and Allstone, they wanted to ensure that both sides of their business could benefit from our expertise. They had also recently heavily invested in a new system for Waste management and recycling and therefore wanted to launch and promote this new service.

The Website

We started by updating the Speedy Skips website, which was originally a static site built for online presence only and had some call to actions in place encouraging people to call to book their skip. We changed it to an online booking e-commerce platform where the public could easily book their own skips and pay for them online which is very niche in their industry. This was an especially useful feature during lockdown, which we also tweaked for them so that clients could see the availability of skips. Due to the lockdown period being such a busy time for the waste industry, we also changed their response times on their website to reflect demand and supported them fully. We also converted the Allstone section of the website into an e-commerce platform where customers can calculate the cost themselves of the sand, gravel, or aggregates they require.

The two brands were both well-known in the local area, but we were aware that Speedy Skips had more traffic than Allstone, and that their advertising performed slightly better too. We capitalised on that and merged the websites to drive customers who were looking at skips to also look at and be aware of their stone supply branch. This was also an economically sound move for the company as they only need to maintain one website rather than two.

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Our marketing specialists are Google Partners, which means that they know what they are doing when it comes to pay-per-click adverts (PPC), which are paid adverts via Google search. When you run PPC adverts, it is with the aim that your business will show up on the top sponsored results in Google when certain key words are search words. This is one of the tools you should use when looking to drive more customers to your website and ultimately convert them, and done correctly they can provide good return on investment (ROI). Our team has worked hard on this project, and the results were that 40.5% of website transactions now come from paid adverts and over time the cost per click has greatly reduced by 38.7% down to £1.28. This means that they have successfully attracted customers to the website and we have managed to save the client money.


Search engine optimisation is the act of altering the key words and phrases on your website, as well as inserting links referring from and to your website to make it rank higher on organic (not paid) Google search results. This is a great way to ensure you are visible to the customers who are actively looking for your products. With over 10 years of SEO experience, our team are on the cutting edge of what Google is looking for when ranking website pages. In the last 6 months the number of site visitors to Allstone has increased by 80.9%, and the number of sessions or visits are up by 91.6%, and 35.4% of transactions on their site comes from organic traffic.

Our Work

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