The United Stand

the client

Established in 2014, The United Stand has fast become the world’s biggest independent unofficial Manchester United Fan Channel. Created by real fans of Manchester United for their fans, they are focused on giving fans of the club their voice in a world of ‘professional’ pundits.

From instant reactions from match-going fans to the latest in fan news, The United Stand is the place to be if you are a fan of Manchester United!

Their social reach boasts one of the largest followings in the world with over 614K YouTube subscribers, 452 YouTube views, 203.3K Twitter followers, 79.8k Instagram followers, 81.1k Facebook followers and 77.8k Facebook page likes. This is one of the reasons why The United Stand’s website is well on the way to be our most searched site.

the website

The United Stand wanted a bespoke new website, which is modern and especially fast to provide better user experience for their vast number of fans. They came to Brace with the website designs, which they had created themselves and tasked our team of developers with developing their new website.  The website needed to have the ability for all their latest YouTube content, podcasts and social media feeds to be pulled into the website automatically. From this brief, our developers developed the website using the following technologies, ‘MERN Stack’ – MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js.

By implementing all of their requirements, we provided The United Stand site visitors with a fast, easier user journey. Since the new website has been live, The united Stand is appearing in the discover tab which is leading to a massive amount of new traffic. It has quickly become our most visited website with over 130X the traffic and being on track to reaching annual visitors well into the millions.

Our Work