Pop Up Best Practices for Your Website

With so many businesses adding pop-ups to their websites, whether it be for Coronavirus notices or promotional discount codes, a lot of businesses are seeing a decline in their site’s performance. Negatively affecting user experience and therefore impacting SEO, pop-ups can have an adverse effect on your business. So, what is a pop-up and why are they useful?

The term “pop-up” refers to a graphical user interface (GUI) display area, usually a small window, that suddenly appears (“pops up”) in the foreground of the visual interface of a website. In other words, it is a message that appears on a website in a box or bubble that covers the website’s content, usually at the edge of the screen.

Some pop-ups are bigger and more distracting than others and some work really well. However, some pop-ups can annoy website visitors and have the opposite effect to what you were hoping for.

To avoid this happening on your website, read our top pop-up tips and information below:

What’s A Good Pop-Up?

  • It displays when it’s the least distracting – this usually means not when a visitor is first entering the website
  • It’s relevant to your visitors and the page they are viewing
  • It provides a sufficiently attractive offer or appropriate information – this is often a mailing list sign up in exchange for a discount code on e-commerce websites
  • It doesn’t appear too often to a particular visitor
  • It increases the time spent on your website
  • It boosts or helps to boost your website conversions

What’s A Bad Pop-Up?

  • It appears too soon or too late – you need to get the timing just right
  • It contains irrelevant or useless information
  • It pops up too often
  • The pop-up requests too much information – it is not proportional to what the website visitor receives in exchange for their data
  • It provides a bad offer
  • It is plain ugly – does it make the user’s experience more difficult? Does it cover too much of your website? The style and the design of your pop-up can make or break its success

Website Pop up

Pros of Using A Pop-Up

  • They can significantly increase your conversions
  • They demand attention, which is great if you want to draw website visitors in
  • They allow you to showcase one primary message, making your call to action stand out from your other website content
  • They have a huge potential for return on investment because pop-ups are cheap to install
  • They are less instrusive than they used to be and therefore less annoying

Cons of Using A Pop-Up

  • They can negatively impact your SEO
  • They can annoy users and result in an increased bounce rate, especially for full screen pop-ups
  • They block website content, which can frustrate users
  • They force users to take action
  • Spammy looking pop-ups can damage a brand’s reputation. Again, style and design is key
  • They are awful on mobile

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