Remarketing: What Is It? Why Is It Useful?

Remarketing is an advertising strategy that is used to target customers that have already viewed your site or shown an interest in your products.

The aim of remarketing is to re-engage customers who have previously browsed your site but are yet to follow through with a purchase (a conversion).

In Google Ads, there are four types of remarketing:

  1. Standard remarketing. This is where a static image is shown to people who have previously visited your site via a real-time auction-based advertising platform known as the display network.
  2. Dynamic remarketing. This is where dynamic image-based ads of specific products/services are shown to a site visitor who has already viewed that product.
  3. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). This is used to retarget visitors that have been on your site and then left to make it a Google search.
  4. Video Remarketing. This is a form of remarketing that targets individuals who have watched your YouTube videos. YouTube ads can also be used to remarket to people who visited your site.

Facebook remarketing is very similar to Google ads remarketing, but rather than displaying your ads across different websites on the Display Network, the ads are shown on Facebook instead.

So, why is remarketing useful?

Remarketing can be a valuable way of engaging customers who have already expressed an interest in your products. Rather than spending a lot of time working out who your most likely buyers are, based on what they search for or their demographic, you are able to target people who have visited your site or shown an interest in your business specifically.

Remarketing is good for your business because:

  • It can be time and cost-effective
  • Research has shown that remarketing campaigns see a 4x lower cost-per-acquisition than standard display targeting techniques.
  • It helps to improve brand recall
  • It improves conversion rates
  • It is an easy way to create high-quality ads
  • You can reach a large-scale of people
  • It is a focused advertising technique meaning those who will see your ad are likely to convert and make a purchase.
  • It is prompt, reactive and well-timed meaning you target the right people at the right time.

Remarketing can be a brilliant way to promote your business online but, in order to make the most of your budget, expert campaign management is recommended.

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