Social Media Trends & Predictions for 2024

It’s the start of another brand new year, and with that comes new, exciting trends for us social media marketers. In today’s fast world, it can be difficult to keep up to date with these ever changing trends, which is why we have decided to start the year off by sharing some of our top social media marketing predictions for 2024.


1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become even more prominent

We all know that AI is on the rise, but this is expected to become EVEN more prominent for us marketers in 2024. AI tools such as Chat GPT can help us to save time when writing copy, brainstorming ideas, and for those frustrating brain fog moments! Using tools like this means you can spend more time focused on your clients strategy, goals, reporting on results and more. 

As mentioned previously, we use AI to enhance our own services. Our designers like to use built in AI generators for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop when creating graphics, and our SEO team use AI to enhance Google Ads. It just makes our tasks that little bit easier!


2. An increase in longer videos

The use of video within social media marketing has been increasing for a little while, but it is predicted that this will continue to rise in 2024. According to Hootsuite, longer videos are going to be especially key, more specifically videos between two to five minutes per video. Large platforms, including Instagram and X (Twitter) have already increased their max video lengths, and there is talks that TikTok is also testing the maximum video length too.

It has been shown that users often talk to social media platforms to answer questions, so increasing the video length means that content creators can give more detailed answers to these queries. The use of live Q&A sessions are also a great way for you to engage your audience, and are likely to continue being popular in 2024.


3. A change in how influencers are marketing

According to Forbes, there is also likely to be a change in influencer marketing in 2024. More consumers are wanting genuine relationships with influencers they can relate to, and feel connected to on a deeper level. This is why a number of brands are using niche, local influencers with hyperlocal campaigns to engage with specific audiences. Their smaller following but high follower loyalty is predicted to increase brand engagement, and something you should also consider doing to engage with your own community in 2024. The more personal and relevant, the deeper the connection, and ultimately more conversions!


4. LinkedIn is heading more towards its professional roots

Hootsuite has discovered that LinkedIn is heading back towards its more professional roots. The platform has already introduced some algorithm changes that prioritises posts that focus on “knowledge and advice”. This is definitely something we should consider when posting on LinkedIn, and reducing more personal posts and prioritising professional content may lead to increased engagement.

LinkedIn has also rolled out a new Top Voice badge feature – essentially, the platform grants these badges to users who share interesting thoughts and valuable expertise on their page. This also supports them heading towards being a more professional platform.


Final thoughts

Overall, it is important to consider the key trends discussed in this blog to maximise your own social media results. It has become increasingly difficult to keep on top of these constantly emerging trends, but we recommend looking at sites such as Hootsuite and Forbes regularly, as well as our own (fantastic!) blog, to help you jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late!

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