ssl certification – why you need it

google is about to crack down on your website security

Not having an SSL Certificate for your website could result in a drop in your organic Google’s rankings position.

what is an ssl certificate?

SSL stands for ‘Secure Socket Layer’, in short, this is a protocol that uses certificates to ensure data transmitted over the internet is encrypted, making it a much safer way to transfer data. Find out more here.

what is https?

HTTPS is short for Hyper-Text Protocol Secure. You may have seen sites around that display https:// rather than http:// (such as eBay or Amazon), this is an indication they the website has a valid SSL certificate.

why is this happening?

Google has been working hard with ever-changing algorithms in an attempt to keep their users safe and secure while using their platform.
We’ve all heard of someone being scammed over the internet, Google wants to reduce this as much as possible by favouring more secure websites above others who are lacking an SSL certificate.

will this affect my website?

Google now consider an encrypted connection as 1 of 31 major ranking factors according to Search Engine Land. If your website collects personal data from your viewers then we urgently recommend the installation of an SSL certificate.

Even for websites which do not collect data, we recommend getting an SSL certificate as your site will show the green secure tick in the browser. Your website will then be more secure for your data and your customers and will also help improve conversions on the website and search engine rankings.

what do i do to keep my website ranking?

Contact the Brobuild team today on 01452729953 or email to discuss whether your website requires one.

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