If your company is yet to advertise on social media, you're missing the chance to target a huge audience, benefit from low cost per click and accurately measure return on investment. Find out the top 4 benefits of social media advertising, below.

Cost Effective

With paid social marketing, budgets can start from as little as £5 and range up to as much as you're willing to invest. This means there are no contracts, no minimum spend and any changes can be made in an instant. Comparing this process with other avenues such as print and radio, social media advertising is a clear winner for analysing and controlling your campaign, and most importantly; measuring the ROI.

When optimised well, social ads can also beat Google Ads in terms of cost per click, and if the advert is engaging, the ad can rack up more views through social sharing, something not available with Google Ads or other forms of search engine advertising.

Advanced Targeting

Paid social advertising can be broken down into very specific audience groups using demographics, interests and even job titles. Facebook also offers the newer option to use their platform for re-marketing purposes.

Using advanced targeting options and taking advantage of the visual capabilities of Facebook ads, it's possible to increase your return on investment. Also, with the analytics offered you're able to tailor your advert even more. For instance; if the only people who are converting using your ad are women between 25 and 48, Facebook allows you to narrow down your audience to dis demographic, reducing the once wasted budget and increasing conversion rates.

Different Types of Ads

Social platforms offer a range of different ad formats based on your campaign objectives, differing from search ads which only allow image or text ads. Whatever your campaign objective, there's likely an ad format designed for you; from specialised lead-generating ads to in-app landing pages and even ads designed to receive job applications!

Organic Traffic is Decreasing Rapidly

Have you been wondering why your organic posts on social media seem to be going un-noticed or receiving little traction? Similar to most social platforms, Facebook users are now reported to only see less than 1% of organic posts. Companies focusing their marketing efforts on an organic social media presence run the risk of putting time and effort into posts that are no longer being seen. Boosting your posts can unlock a huge audience of potential customers and increase your brand awareness for a budget you're comfortable with.

If you're interested in advertising your company on social media but don't know where to start, or simply don't have the time, why not call in the professionals? Give the Brace team a call today on 01452 729 953 and you can have a team of experienced social marketers promoting your brand in no time!