2020 is finally over and following a long and eventful year, we thought we would give you our take on the top 5 predicted marketing trends for 2021.

chatbot image

1. Chatbots are moving towards resolving a larger majority of website enquiries through improved automation

Amazon recently updated their artificial intelligence for their search bar, and many have suggested this update in automated responses could likely apply to improving the performance of chatbots. The global chatbot market is thought to increase exponentially and reach up to almost £1bn by 2024, and they are considered a good resource to resolve up a huge number of simple customer enquiries whilst allowing customer service professionals to engage in higher quality conversations with customers.


2. Rise of the passion economy

2020 was the year of the passion economy- although lockdown was a difficult time for many, some of us found ourselves with an excess of free time on our hands, and this led to a renaissance of our passions. This is an approach we can take to our customers and how we sell to them- what are they passionate about and how can we tap into it?

3. Interactive experiences are key

Interactive social media experiences are not a new trend, it has been established that interactive experiences can be up to 2X more engaging than static content. This includes videos, polls, interactive experiences, and even online calculators. This type of content, due to it’s popularity is looking to increase throughout 2021. If you aren’t using interactive experiences in your marketing strategy, your competitors may well be.


4. Adblocking advancements across devices

There has been an increase in individuals installing advertisement blockers on their desktop as apps and on their phones. What does this mean for your business? It means your Pay-Per-Click adverts may not reach your target customer at all. What is the solution? In one word, personalisation! Getting to know your customer and fully developing your customer persona can help you serve adverts that your customers have actually even asked for.

5. Mobile phone optimisation gains importance

When many internet users use a mobile device to surf the web, and up to 75% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, it should come as no surprise that this trend is only looking to increase throughout 2021, especially with the release of 5G internet and we revealed that from Sept 2020 Google switched to mobile first indexing. This means that as a business you will need to ensure that the mobile experience runs smoothly as it is likely that an increasing number of your website visitors will be on their mobile.

These are our top 5 marketing trends for 2021, what do you think? Will you be applying this new information to your marketing strategy this year?

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