the best valentines day campaigns

Some people love it, others hate it. However, you can’t argue that Valentine’s Day provides a powerful revenue driver for so many businesses and brands. The social holiday allows brands to be creative in planning fun marketing campaigns to celebrate the day of love!

“What Valentines Day means to me”

With over 112 million being spent on jewellery on Valentine’s Day, Pandora made the most of Valentine’s Day with their “What Valentine’s Day means to me” campaign. This video featured a group of couples, speaking about what Valentine’s Day means to them with subtle hints of the jewellery product range. The campaign focused on the customer, not the product which offered an authentic feel that made it very relatable to watch.  

Billboard Tweets

Another great campaign was Twitter’s Offline campaign on billboards in New York’s subway. This campaign promoted funny tweets of people that shared their experiences with love and the dating world. 

Twitter highlighted the tweets of real users to share their thoughts around Valentine’s Day. It offered a realistic approach to Valentine’s Day, steering away from the stereotypical connotations that are associated with love and relationships. This also promoted the free control of using a platform such as Twitter. They wanted to highlight that it is a place to share your thoughts without critique or judgement.


Movie references

In 2019, Frankie & Benny’s Italian restaurant referenced romantic scenes from notable movies. In one Instagram post, the Italian restaurant shared a photo of real dogs representing the film, “Lady and the Tramp” where the two dogs kissed after eating the same strand of pasta.  

 Featuring several other films, this campaign allowed audiences to interact with the post by guessing which films were being referenced. This was a great way to boost brand awareness and leverage engagement on social media.  



Thursday Dating App

And they say to save the best until last… technically, this campaign wasn’t created for Valentine’s Day specifically, but it was too good not to share.  

 In 2021, the marketing intern for the dating app ‘Thursday’  had the task to generate as many downloads as possible for the dating app. With only a £25 budget, the intern performed stunts in London which included tying herself to a pole and covering herself in balloons. Her cardboard sign read “World’s Worst Internship. Single? Download Thursday dating app #cuffingseason” 

After sharing it on LinkedIn, her post gained over 1.5 million impressions and the app doubled its downloads to 4000 a week.  

The success of this campaign proves that there are so many creative routes to go down when creating your marketing campaigns. It doesn’t always need to be designing the best social media post or perfecting your paid social targeting.  


So here you have it, my favourite Valentine’s Campaigns from over the years, whether you got some inspiration for your next marketing campaign or even an idea for your next Valentine’s gift, I hope this blog was useful.  With over 1.3 million spent on Valentine’s Day in the UK, the social holiday certainly isn’t going out of style any time soon. 

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