we’ve won 2 stroud life business awards!

We did it, we won two awards last night! And we didn’t expect it at all. Last night we attended the Stroud Life Business Awards Show, and just like WSP Solicitors stated, the cows didn’t care much for our punctuality but that’s just your average Stroud life problems!

We had a delightful evening surrounded by hundreds of the best businessmen and women from Stroud all under one marquee! We even made a few new friends, Faye, in particular, loved the magician.

After tucking into a fabulous meal the awards started, and our category was first up! The nomination had been for the Apprentice Development Award sponsored and announced by Gloucestershire Engineering Training, click here to check them out.

Little did we know we would be the first winner of the night! Sitting in shock for a couple of seconds a few members of the BroBuild team hopped up on stage to collect our award.

It was a great evening with an awesome atmosphere and friendly people. We especially enjoyed the live Twitter feed, sending out over 70 tweets might have been a bit much but the #brobuildtakeover definitely took hold.

After some brilliant businesses had claimed their awards the penultimate category came around – The Family Business award!

The suspense around the table had increased, and then we were declared the winner! We were all so happy (Mother Bracey may have even shed a few tears!)

“I feel ever so proud to be a business owner with a team of hard-working staff and to be recognised in this way, it’s a great accolade for this team to show all their hard work has been recognised.

We’ve received not only an award for our apprentices but one for the family. We believe the whole Brobuild team are family, not bonded by blood but by friendship, and that makes winning the award even more special. This is a wonderful way to show all our members of staff that all the hard work they’ve done in the past 12 months has been recognised.” – Nick

“We were over the moon to have been nominated for the 2 awards at last nights Stroud Life event, and to win them both was fantastic.

We’re really pleased with how the business is growing, the secret has to be a hardworking, enthusiastic and dedicated team who are always looking after both the customers and each other” – Mitch

Thank you to the Stroud Life Business Awards, all of the sponsors and the staff at The Old Lodge, we couldn’t have asked for a better evening.

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