Since the Coronavirus pandemic was declared, businesses across the world have been faced with unprecedented challenges.

From temporarily stopping trading and furloughing staff to adapting the business to meet customer requirements during lockdown, so much has changed as a result of the Coronavirus, including search marketing.

But what does the Coronavirus mean for SEO and what can businesses do to adapt to these changes?

How Has SEO Changed?

In terms of SEO, we have seen a huge drop in organic traffic for most industries - the biggest drop in particular being in the travel industry and the largest increase being those in the news or financial industry.

seo changes - covid-19 graph
Whether your search marketing has been positively or negatively impacted by the Coronavirus, here is our advice to help you keep on top of your SEO:

Advice for Those Who Are Impacted

  • Provide revitalised & relevant content

Research into new FAQs around your services and product. Take a look at Google Search Console, common questions you are being asked by customers, what your competitors and those top in the industry are focusing on and how they're adapting.

Use this new information to refresh your informational pages and your social channels to avoid customer service costs and customer worry.

Google Search Console

  • Assist with hobbies and escapes

Use this time to adapt your service where possible.

• Work on improving your website journey to make browsing the site easier.
• Make it easier to shop on your site where possible. Create new functionality such as wish lists which will help those fanatically impacted continue to use your services.
• Use your blog or create a blog to post inspiring and creative content.
Inspiring Hobbies
  • Ask yourself, is there any way your services can be adapted to become contactless?

We have seen so many smart business owners adapt their company to become more of a contactless experience by making every step possible online only.

For instance;

• We have seen event venues and housing developers introduce 3D rendering of their properties, so people don’t have to leave their home to see exactly what to expect. Those with smaller budgets are offering virtual tours through video chat. See an example below from Bovis Homes:

Bovis Homes Virtual Lounge Tour

• Online consultations are becoming more common where possible.
• Some companies are hosting online events and webinars instead, we have seen gyms, educational sectors and more taking this route.
• Banks, electricity companies etc. are making it easier to manage your account online instead of instore or on the phone.

• Restaurants have taken to offering a delivery service instead of closing their doors. Some small businesses have taken to offering this too, delivering their products themselves to provide same day local delivery, retaining their customer base.

  • Come back stronger

Take this chance to get ahead on your projects and use your quieter website to your advantage by launching new features and improvements you may have been holding off on to come back stronger!

Cape Homes Website

  • Sustain your SEO to avoid dropping

Seeing outcomes from SEO strategies take time and switching off efforts can become costly in the future and you may suffer long-term because of it.

Advice for Those Who Are Positively Impacted

  • Invest in Search Engine Optimisation

Stand out in SERP’s by providing more relevant and enticing copy. Test using structured data and better formatting for rich results and features snippets.

  • Use impression data to restock items

Channel your learnings from organic impressions to merchandising teams, and make it a point to prioritise highly in-demand or trending products faster.

  • Don’t target irrelevant COVID Keywords

Creating content on coronavirus topics for the sole purpose of driving traffic is a terrible thing to do. Only do this if it helps and you have expertise on the topics.

  • Can you use your success to give back?

A lot of positively impacted companies are using this opportunity to give back to the NHS or the community, this is having a great impact on social and people may be more inclined to use your services.

Community - Child Painting a Rainbow

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