How much do you know about the business you work for? Why do you exist? What was your founder’s vision? How do you pass on your brand's DNA to ensure people know who you are and how you came to be?

For our rebrand, we didn’t want to have a meaningless name like “Lollipop”, “Purple-Hippo” or “Square-Strawberry” (just examples- not real agencies!) which have become very common within the creative-agency industry. Who are they and what do they stand for? From their name; you have absolutely no idea. We wanted a name which meant something to all of us and had a reason for being. This is why for our re-branding process we looked right back to the beginning of our history, to the brothers who started it all.

Our business began because Nick and Mitch believed there was a place and a need for a marketing agency who truly and deeply cared for their customers, implementing the family values of trust, respect and loyalty into the world of business. There were plenty of web-design companies around, but they were often large and impersonal. It became the brothers’ mission to shed out the stigma of the cold functionality people had come to expect from a digital agency, and reinstate a personalised, local service.

All businesses should stand for something. Your values act as the strengthening core to your team and act as your true north- your fixed point in a spinning and turbulent world.

We stand for; family, building meaningful relationships and empowering individuality.

We’ve put our family name above our doors as a constant reminder of these values. So when anyone asks us ‘Why Brace?’ we have a meaningful story behind the name, which we can all connect with. Customers, other businesses and the community will understand what is important to us and our reason for being.

Is there a place for family values in a materialistic, throw-away society? We believe there is. And we believe it’s important to stand up for it. So we are now Brace.

If you stand for something and make it your purpose; you will find a new source of motivation, passion and commitment like never before. We believe that other businesses and agencies should look back at their own history, like we have done, and use it to shape their future.

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Our branding team have loved transforming Brobuild to Brace and showing the world who we are and what we stand for. Our branding service is here to help start-ups through to well-established business realise their true north and engage with who they were, are, and want to be. Get in touch with our team today to rediscover and define your brand.