What is Galentine’s Day and Why is it So Popular?

The world was first introduced to the concept of a ‘Galentine’s Day’ in 2010, in what started out as a ‘bit’ on popular sitcom show ‘Parks and Recreation’ and has now blossomed into an event that’s struck home in the hearts of friendship groups everywhere. It’s celebrated on the 13th of February, yes the day before Valentine’s Day, and it’s a day dedicated to showing the platonic loves in your life the attention and recognition they also deserve. 


source: https://tenor.com

While the episode highlights ‘gal-pals’ and all the pink hearts and flowers may make you believe it’s a holiday all about women, the emphasis really is on platonic love. So whether they’re friends or family members, in whatever form they are, it’s the perfect opportunity to really shower them with love. Of course, an effort should always be made to nurture your friendships, but like with Valentine’s Day, it’s nice just to set aside a day out of the year where you can all get together and get a little silly. 


However it started, there is something about Galentine’s Day that has resonated strongly with people today. After the Covid-19 pandemic and the isolation felt by many during the lockdowns, it makes sense that people are starting to recognise all the ways they’re loved. Not everyone gets to experience the flowers and gifts exchange, and not everyone has been (or wants to be) hit with Cupid’s Love arrow. Each year, February 14th can become quite an alienating day for singles, who still have fulfilling friendships that they want to celebrate and, until now, have not had a recognised day to do so. 


The point is, Galentine’s isn’t about competing with Valentine’s day, and we’re not saying you shouldn’t celebrate the 14th with your significant other. We’re saying… Well, they should be celebrated alongside each other. Nurturing platonic relationships is just as important as nurturing romantic relationships. 


So what happens at Galentine’s Day? 


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According to Amy Phoeler’s character, ‘Leslie Knope”, it’s the best day of the year where she and all her gal pals get together for brunch and indulge in waffles and gift giving. The only rule is: romantic partners stay home. You’ve got the 14th to spend time with them. The 13th is all about your friends. 


Of course, all friendship groups are different. Brunch isn’t your group’s thing? Go bowling! Go for dinner and drinks, or a big night out, or a big night in with movies and snacks and cheesy movies. However you all like to spend time with each other is how it can be celebrated. That’s the best thing about a holiday that doesn’t really exist. It’s entirely down to you to make whatever you want of it. 


Untapped Marketing Potential


So far, Galentine’s Day appears to be a self-governed day. Despite over a million uses of the hashtag ‘#Galentines’ companies don’t appear to be using it for the marketing opportunity that it is. At Brace Creative, we think this is a travesty. 


For this Galentine’s Day, consider: 


  • Running a giveaway on social media for friends
  • Put together a Galentine’s Day basket with some of your most popular products for customers to send to their friends (and encourage them to tag you on their Insta!) 
  • Send an email campaign showcasing the brilliance of Galentine’s Day and why your customers should celebrate it with you


source: https://thumbs.gfycat.com

Final Thoughts 


Brace Creative Agency is a family run business and we take the love seriously, year round. From our print offerings, to our website design all the way to our digital marketing services, we believe it’s all made a little better with the help of a bit of love, platonic or otherwise. 


Fallen out of love with your marketing? Give us a call on 01452 729953 or get in touch via: hello@brace.co.uk and we’ll reignite the passion. 

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