A Web Developer’s Reflection On 2020

With the past year being one of remote working, there were a few challenges in finding a development workflow that worked best for home and office. Some of the key tasks such as managing projects and maintaining existing projects changed slightly but overall, the development team, in my opinion, were successful with the transition.   Throughout the year, I have also found that my development strategy has changed

Is Your Website’s Version of PHP Unsupported?

Did you know that 80% of all WordPress websites will soon be running on a version of PHP that is no longer supported if site owners don’t upgrade their version of PHP? According to statistics provided by WordPress.org, 36.4% of WordPress sites are on PHP 5.6. However, the active support for this version of PHP

Web Development isn’t always a thankless job

Working in web development can sometimes feel like working in IT support. The majority of the feedback we receive comes from when things aren’t working. Now don’t get me wrong, when a website or update is launched our lovely clients are always quick to say thank you (a crate of beer or a bottle of