Web Design & Development

At Brace, form doesn’t come before function. Our team of talented web developers and designers create user-friendly, intuitive websites to grab the attention of your audience and give your business the online store front window that does everything you need.

From sticky menus to burger navs

Intuitive web design, built with your brand in mind. Did you know that 50% of web visitors use design as a factor in judging credibility? Create a first impression that your clients remember!

Designed for today’s web

Design-for-web is all about building accessible and adaptable websites for all users on any device. We build fully responsive mobile friendly sites, to give all your web visitors the best experience. Noone wants buttons that are too small to click on their phone, or pages that take 5 minutes to scroll! 


The beauty of Brace is our ability to collaborate on website development in-house. Each site goes through a rigorous build and testing phase, to ensure your site works, looks and performs as it should. Together, our designers, developers and search marketers, create beautiful websites that are fully optimised for Search Engine Optimisation. After all, what use is a beautiful website if no one can find it!

Built to suit you

Whether you’re looking to improve an existing site, or a new face for your business online, our experience in web development makes Brace the perfect solution. Using the most intuitive digital solutions, our team can build on what you already have, or create something completely new and bespoke.

Locked and Loaded (Quickly)

In today’s web, your site needs to not only look great, but deal with security and performance. That’s why all our websites come with an SSL certificate to ensure secure browsing, and are developed with performance metrics in mind. 

Unlock earning potential

Our team of web developers use platforms such as WooCommerce and OpenCart, to design and build truly bespoke web stores with functionality as unique as your brand. Driving traffic to your store is only half the battle, let us help you increase conversions and reduce cart abandonments!