A Digital Transformation: Circle 2 Success

Circle 2 Success is a well-known regional networking group based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Before the pandemic, they offered face-to-face events where local business people could make useful and profitable connections. These networking events included lunches, drinks, dinners and even sporting events.

What made them so exciting? Simple icebreakers, expert speakers, and the delivery of insightful and informative training, as well as delicious food at various venues. As a business community with members from diverse commercial arenas, through them you can meet a variety of useful and rewarding contacts.

There are several levels of membership; higher levels of membership allow better access to support, top-level business executives and decision-makers. This ranges from coaching for businesses leaders to develop and grow to executive-level strategy meetings. Alongside this, they provide a printed magazine, which helps regional businesses advertise and tell their stories.

What did they need?

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that they had to adapt to lockdown rules and social distancing. Wanting to pivot the focus of their business to continue to thrive, their decision was to have a digital offering for members in place of their face-to-face events.  Circle2Success approached us for our expertise to support the transition of their face-to-face services into a full digital networking offering. From this, we implemented the necessary changes using several digital tools to make it possible.

Website updating messaging

What did we do?

Firstly, we looked at their website, changing their marketing messaging emphasis from solely face-to-face to promoting online events. We had already provided them with an event booking platform feature on their website, which they were able to alter from their end according to the type of event they were producing. This supported them to organise the online events and supply attendees with the correct information for the zoom meetings.

We then assisted them in the production of video content for their website, which included editing videos for consistent marketing messaging, and built the pages which were able to host these videos via Vimeo. These review videos were also excellent promotional material for potential members to browse as they contained strong, positive testimonials regarding their new service.


Going that extra mile

We were already partnered with them to produce their print magazine. However, this was swiftly updated to a 100% digital version, with embedded links to appropriate areas on their website. The content of the magazine also increased from around 72 to a huge 160 pages and we presented it to include a feature where you can “flick” through the pages to add a realistic experience of perusing a magazine.

The C2S magazine laid open at the centre

This digital version of the magazine is accessible to all and can be accessed by entering your details on the website. Members can request the magazine via email or can browse certain sections on the website, and we updated the website with quick links to each separate article. This allows our client, Circle 2 Success to capture the data of potential and existing members each time a magazine is requested.

Together, with Circle 2 Success, we were able to quickly transform their services from in-person to digital in a short period of time, allowing our client to adapt in the changeable business climate in which we now live.

Our client also has further website updates and digital offerings to come, which we are proud to be working on with them – watch this space!

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